3 Areas of Ministry Success in Ghana

Analyzing and Implementing Findings from Ministry Research

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In Ghana, we surveyed 445 churches and para-church organizations, documenting how they interact with the next generation. The aim of this research is to support Ghana’s ministries, however, ministry leaders around the globe can learn from and be encouraged by this research as well!

All the research we have done in Ghana has been compiled in a complete report that you can download by clicking the link below.

In this post, we will look at the data that specifically reveals the top 3 areas of ministry success in Ghana and then help you make sure your ministry is finding the same success.

Healthy, thriving ministries excel at engaging the younger generation of Ghanaians through a variety of fun activities and programs. The goal is to bring them to Jesus, to raise disciples and to mentor future leaders. To explore how ministries in Ghana have implemented an array of activities to accomplish this goal, our survey captured data on 21 different activities for all organization types plus an additional 12 for churches only. The findings were aggregated to analyze five main types of ministry programs: Evangelism, Discipleship, Scripture Engagement, Youth Leadership and Holistic Ministry.

The charts below reveal the results of these surveys and uncover the top 3 areas of ministry in Ghana. The scores were calculated on a 10-point scale based on the frequency reported for specific ministry activities. These scores do not reflect the strength or success of the surveyed programs, just the commitment of the surveyed organizations to them. A score of 10 represents the highest frequency.

As you can see, churches and parachurch ministries in Ghana are engaging the next generation with discipleship, scripture engagement and youth leadership programs more than any other areas of ministry. As a result, they are successfully seeing children and youth come to know Jesus! Churches and ministries in Ghana are setting a great example for ministry leaders across the globe to take seriously these ministry activities.

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How do you know you are successfully accomplishing these activities in your own ministry?

First, you need to understand what they are and then you must examine your ministry’s approach to reaching the next generation in these ways. Below you will find a description for each activity. As you read each description take a critical look at what you are doing in your ministry.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself and your team:

  • How frequently do you engage in this activity?
  • How can clear pathways be established for this activity to occur on a regular basis?
  • What gifted leaders can implement these activities?


The easiest way to learn a new skill is to watch someone else do it. It’s much the same with new believers: they need someone who’s already living the Christian life to come alongside and “do life” with them. I should read my Bible, how do you do it? How should I pray? Jesus’ followers live out their faith day by day in discipleship relationships, seeking accountability, reproof, instruction, support and encouragement.

Scripture Engagement

Matthew tells us that we are to first seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. How we spend our time reveals the contents of our hearts, which is why spending time in Scripture is absolutely essential to the growth and maturity of God’s children. Being in the Word daily is a reflection of our spiritual walk — an indicator of a thriving or withering faith. Ministries that help children and youth to engage with God’s Word are guiding them into a deeper relationship with Him.

Youth Leadership

If you’ve ever seen a child’s eyes shine with admiration as they watch an older friend, you’ve witnessed the power of Youth Leadership. Church and parachurch ministries that implement youth leadership development in their programs know there is potential in the younger generation. Ministries are tasked to look beyond difficult social and economic situations knowing that, for God’s children, “He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus” (Phil. 1:6). He has started a good work in our children and youth, loving and raising Christian leaders to bring hope, encouragement and stability for the future of the Church.

Click here to discover more research on the state of ministry in Ghana!

We hope that you and your ministry has been blessed by this research and that you find success as you seek to implement these ministry activities!

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