4 Easter Resources to Engage Your Students

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3 min readMar 7, 2018


Easter is just around the corner! Are you looking for resources and ideas to effectively share the impact of the resurrection with your children’s ministry? We have some great tools to recommend in order to help your students connect with the greatest story ever told.

Max7 Lesson Packs

It’s not too late to begin lessons that build up to the day of Easter! Max7 has a great library of resources that provides three 30-minute lessons that can be used in the three weeks leading up to Easter. The three lessons are broken into four different age groups ranging from 4–12 years old. The lesson topics are: Jesus On the Cross; The Death of Jesus; and Jesus is Alive. The lessons also include animations, activity sheets and interactive activities. The topics covered by the animations are 1–3 minutes long, and correspond with the lesson topics.

Bible App for Kids

Another great resource that you can use in your classroom or recommend to your students’ parents for use at home is the Easter Story on the Bible App for Kids. The Bible App for Kids makes the Easter story come alive for children with interactive elements, lively narration and simple content. In particular, “It Is Finished” and “A Happy Story” will help your students focus on the true meaning of Easter and the power of the resurrection.

YouVersion Reading Plan

Age-appropriate scriptures telling the Easter story are also available online in a convenient and easy to use format through YouVersion in conjunction with the Bible App for Kids. If your students have the Bible App for Kids, we recommend reading the Scripture together as a group (or as a family, if you recommend the app to parents to use with their children). Here are some Scripture references on YouVersion to chronologically share the stories of Jesus and His disciples, the empty tomb, and the resurrection.

· John 18:28–40; 19:1–42; 20:3–10

· Luke 23:34–35; 24:36–49

· Mark 16:1–4

· Matthew 28:5–8

Bible App for Kids Easter Pack

Additional parent or teacher resources that accompany the Bible App for Kids include a free Easter Pack! The Easter Pack offers companion lessons that are made to complement three stories in the Bible App for Kids, which include The Donkey and the King (Palm Sunday); It Is Finished (the Crucifixion); and A Happy Sunday (Resurrection). Each lesson focuses on a key verse; questions and suggestions for discussion; simple explanations of biblical concepts; a “My Story” section to help children see their place in the Kingdom; suggested prayers; and illustrations from the story to print and color. Download your Easter Pack today!

To make your Easter lessons even more impactful, head over to a previous blog post in which we detail three ways to prepare for your lesson! Our tips include 1) know your lesson by heart; 2) show up earlier and prepare everything; and 3) plan surprises.

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