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I have 3 small kids and as soon as the leaves start changing colors on the trees they start asking (almost every day), “Mom, when is it going to snow?” This is how I know it’s time to start planning for Christmas! When I was a Youth worker and a Children’s Director, sometimes this meant I was maybe even behind on my Christmas planning for the church.

Maybe you don’t have leaves that change color, and maybe Christmas doesn’t mean snow for where you live. But wherever you live and whatever the season looks like for you, when November hits it’s time to get serious about planning for Christmas.

Have you started planning for Christmas in your ministry? If not, don’t worry! You still have an entire month to get ready and we have put together this blog to help you!

At WellConnected we want to equip you to minister to Youth and Children. And as we approach Christmas we want to give you all the tools to make December a month to remember for your children and students.

Ministry Tip

It is time to call all your teams to a Christmas Planning Meeting!

Gather them together, brainstorm, think up ideas and lay out a rough plan.

When you send out your meeting invite, let them know what the meeting is for. Then ask them to begin praying for insight and ideas. Have them bring these ideas to the meeting to share.

Here are 3 things to accomplish at your meeting.

  • Gather ideas
  • Solidify a goal
  • Write out plan that works for you and your team

Christmas time is full of joy and great memories. Each of us have a set of traditions that make this time extra special.

Try to incorporate some of your own holiday traditions in your meeting to help your team get into the Christmas mood. For me, I love Christmas music and cookies. So, I would bake a few cookies and play some music for my team.

What are some of your traditions? Share in the comments, we would love to hear from you!

Maybe you have a large team of volunteers and baking cookies for everyone is not a going to work for you. Instead, you can put up a few decorations that are in keeping with your traditions. Putting forth a little effort will help your team get excited about planning a memorable Christmas in your ministry.

Ministry Resource

Max7 has so many FREE resources for your ministry all year round. And their Christmas Collection does not disappoint. Skit scripts, lesson plans, videos, worksheets… it’s amazing!

Check it out and bring some ideas to your Christmas Planning Meeting.

Want to learn more about lesson planning? Check out our blog post “3 Things to Do Differently When Preparing for Sunday School”



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