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3 min readDec 16, 2020

The jingles are ringing…….is it Christmas as usual?

Luke 2:8–20 tells us of the shepherds who heard the good news of a new born king and dropped everything to go see Him. On seeing Him, they glorified and praised God and went back to tell everyone about what had been said of the child and everyone was amazed.

As we usher in another festive season, we cannot be oblivious ofthe impact the Covid-19 pandemic has had on our world. We have in many ways been shaken to the core and reminded of our mortality and the need to be totally dependent on God who is in control of every invisible force. We who are the ministers of the good news have also been reminded of the urgency with which we need to share the gospel with the lost, and more so our children. We have been reminded that this world is not our home.

So then, the big question we all need to ask ourselves as we get into this Christmas season is; will it be Christmas as usual?

Just like the shepherds, what do we need to drop and focus on our Lord and his mission?

The story of our Saviour’s birth is an unusual one, His birth happened in an unusual time and in unusual way, but it’s through the unusual times that we get to see the glory of God. Our prayer is that in this unusual year, we will experience the glory of God in an unusual way during this Christmas season.

There are many distractions that seek to take our attention away from our Lord Jesus during this time and distract us from celebrating Jesus’ birth and on honouring Him. This includes the story and traditions connected to Santa Claus, the traditions of giving gifts, family meals & reunions, events with friends, going away for the holidays etc. and the busyness of this season. With so many things to do, the Christmas holidays can be overwhelming.

Some of these things are good, but we are reminded that none of them are necessary to celebrate the birth of Jesus. What we need is to drop the busyness and focus on the reason Christ came, which is to forgive our sins and give us hope for a bright future. A wonderfully necessary reminder especially in a year where our hope has been shaken. As we are reminded of the coming of our King, we can look forward to the new year with hope and expectation that the Lord is with us.

As we minister to the children around us this season, we have the opportunity to engage them with the story of who our Saviour is. This holiday season, you, your family and the children that you minister to can enjoy these resources with a Christmas message that is relevant to them.

1.Bible App For Kids

The Jesus is Born story features a downloadable Jesus is Born video,The First Christmas Parent Guide, The First Christmas Adventure books — Week 1–4 and a colouring sheet.

2. SuperBook

Alongside full episodes, the SuperBook website includes short videos including The Message of Christmas, Wise Men Follow The Star to the King of the Jews, The Story of Joseph and Mary, Gabriel Shares God’s Incredible Message with Mary.

3. 4/14 Christmas Collection (RightNow Media)

The 4/14 Christmas Collection features holiday videos including VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer’s Why Do We Call It Christmas?, Franklin Graham’s The Cost of Christmas and Rediscovering Christmas and Max Lucado’s God Came Near. 4/14 has also curated other children’s resources for Bible teaching including 3 seasons of SuperBook, What’s In The Bible? Jesus is the Good News! and Clive & Ian’s 12 Questions of Christmas for the holiday season.

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