Reach, Rescue, Root & Release — Introducing the 4/14 Africa Leadership Team

4/14 Africa
4 min readFeb 23, 2021

Thank you for taking the time to share with us how we could improve our content to you through these monthly blogs that are intended to inspire us towards improving ministry to children and youth in Africa. Scripture engagement and family involvement were the top two subjects selected as areas of growth.

Based on a majority of the responses we received, many had little or no knowledge of the 4/14 movement and we would like to intentionally change that this year. We anticipate there will be upcoming opportunities for you to participate in a national or regional movement near you, so we want to take this chance to orient you to our mission and introduce those who are spearheading the 4/14 Movement in Africa.

Before the end of 2020, we had the opportunity to come together as the 4/14 Africa leadership team as we launch a new season of 4/14 in Africa. This leadership team is committed to Reach, Rescue, Root and Release this emerging generation in Africa into the dream of God for their lives. Let’s take a moment to understand what we are championing through these 4 R’s.

Reach — Awaking a generation to life with Jesus. Think about that boy or girl you teach; our desire is for them to come into an authentic relationship with Jesus not only for themselves but to transform their communities too.

Rescue — Bringing Hope to a generation at risk. Many of our children and youth are trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty, violence, abuse and hopelessness. The church can be their family and refuge giving them hope for the future.

Root — Cultivate life changing God moments that last forever. Does your child know that God is good? Do their families share this same thought? We are committed to partnering with families through the church and create a culture for them to dream and grow where everything is seen through the lens that God is good.

Release — Empowering a generation to change the world. Imagine a child reached, rescued, rooted and then released to do the impossible! We want to walk alongside you to support and equip these children to become all they were created to be.

So with that, please meet our leadership team who are passionate about helping us realize this vision!

  • Julius Rwotlonyo from Uganda who is passionate about raising the next generation of leaders. He is the Associate Team Leader at Watoto Church.
  • Eyerusalem Haile is from Ethiopia and serves with the youth group of her local church. She is passionate about children and families.
  • Brian Esterhuizen from South Africa is passionate about seeing the Church united, mobilized & equipped to reach the now generation. He currently serves with OneHope as Regional Director for Southern Africa & the Africa Partnership Director.
  • Mary Mumo from Kenya is one of the long serving partners of the 4/14 movement. She is passionate about children ministry and equipping children and youth ministers to know about the bible.
  • Carien Venter-Kotze — South Africa/Ghana. She is passionate about global shared services, with the ability to awaken curiosity and encourage exploration to turn ideas into action. She currently serves with Biblica as the Regional Director for Southern Africa.
  • Sylvanus Elorm is from Ghana. He is the OneHope ambassador to the 4/14 Movement. He is the senior pastor of Trinity Temple Assembly of God Church and passionate about saving the lost.
  • Jonas Robert Sawadogo from Burkina Faso has served as the regional facilitator for 4/14 window movement in Francophone Africa. He is an Associate Pastor With the Assemblies of God Burkina Faso and is passionate about the strategic position of children in Christians mission.
  • Ruslan Maliuta from Ukraine serves as Strategic Networks Liaison at OneHope. He is passionate about increasing unity among Christian movements to address social problems through system change and serves as a global advisor to the 4/14 movement.
  • Takahiro Ohki from the USA serves as the Co-Vice President of OneHope Africa. He is passionate about durable networks and seeing the Church in Africa unite as one to reach children and youth with the eternal word of God. Takahiro is an advisor to the 4/14 Africa leadership team.

We thank God for these ladies and gentlemen who have given us their time and knowledge to awaken this generation in Africa.

Are you currently involved with 4/14 in your country/region? Interested in joining us as we continue to work towards reaching, rescuing, rooting and releasing the Now generation?

Email us at to learn more about what is happening within the 4/14 Movement in Africa and how you can be part of it.



4/14 Africa

We are committed to reach, rescue, root, and release this emerging generation in Africa into the dream of God for their lives.