The Simplicity of Ministry

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3 min readOct 26, 2017


WellConnected has been doing research around the world to find the best local ministries and unique program models in next-generation ministry, based on expert recommendations. We found Children’s Reach Out. Watch this video to find out why and to be inspired for the simplicity of ministry where you live!


Growing up in Kampala, Uganda, Agaba Edwin has experienced the suffering that goes along with life in such an impoverished nation. Hopelessness, desperation, and fear were constants in his life. After receiving the Gospel his life, Edwin decided to start a ministry that would help the disadvantaged children and youth of Kampala and offer free educational life skills.

Edwin, like most Ugandans, had no money for an expensive ministry. Yet God said to him, “You do not need money to start a ministry.” Children’s Reach Out started in 2009 and was run completely by volunteers filled with the love of God and eager to share the Gospel with youth.

CRO currently serves over 220 children each weekend at four community centers in Kampala. We use simple and fun activities to teach both biblical truth and life skills. Edwin’s emphasis on relational investment, financial independence, and simplicity enables CRO to continue to grow and achieve its outcomes in the midst of an impoverished environment.


We exist to reach poor urban children in Kampala, Uganda.


We run weekend clubs at four community centers in Kampala, led by volunteers, which teach biblical truth and practical life skills.


We seek to provide hope through the Gospel, relationships through volunteers, and practical life improvement through education to disadvantaged children and youth in four community centers in Kampala.


Our founder, Agaba Edwin, leads the ministry independent of outside donors. This enables us to be both sustainable and flexible for the needs of an urban ministry.


What is the ultimate vision and dream of your ministry?

Our vision is to keep expanding our influence in the community and opening new outreach centers while remaining financially independent.

How did you initially design and develop this program?

Children’s Reach Out was developed in response to the needs our founder could see in the community around him. He realized that with the opportunity to participate in supplementary educational programs and a rich, Gospel-centered community, Kampala’s children could be redirected toward a life of wholeness.

How do you know it is working?

We have seen the many hundreds of children reached by our program transformed in terms of behavior, economic potential, and personal wholeness. Their success often inspires friends and family members to get involved, and our program has experienced steady, natural growth as a result.

How would you like to see it improve and grow?

We would like to expand our base of volunteers, open new outreach centers, and maintain our model of financial independence.

What recommendations would you have for someone doing a similar ministry?

Use the resources you have, and do not feel like you need to be flushed with funding in order to make a profound impact on local children.

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