Top 5 FREE Resources For Ministry in 2019

Resource Round-up

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3 min readJan 3, 2019

2019 has arrived, and we think it is the perfect time for a resource roundup! As you plan for your upcoming ministry year, it is always helpful to have some tools and resources at your disposal. All of the resources that we list here have several things in common: they are free to everyone, and involve making the Scripture accessible to all. We believe that the Scripture is the best teaching tool given to us by God.

1. A great resource for looking up specific Bible passages is Bible Gateway, where you can look up anything from a specific verse, phrase, or chapter of scripture. This is a great go-to resource for locating that one Bible verse or passage when you only remember a few key words!

2. On the Bible Pathways website, you can download and use high-quality printable Bible Stories and teaching resources. Resources include “Teacher Packs” which include an illustrated Bible story, a set of easy-to-use lesson plans, coloring pages, and a plain text Bible story with pictures. There is also a languages section for several different language options!

3. We always love to recommend the Bible App for Kids, because it’s such a great FREE resource! Engagement, quality, and ease-of-use are the heart of this app as each Bible story points children to Jesus. In addition to the app, the Bible App for Kids website offers a free curriculum for churches. Each unit in the curriculum features one “episode”, with a video, discussion questions and activities for each week.

4. The Bible Project offers short-form, fully animated videos, podcasts and study guides. The videos and resources are easily sorted by specific themes in the Bible. There is also an option to watch a daily video that corresponds with a reading plan! This is a great teaching tool to complement your lessons for children, students and/or adults.

5. Whether you are just beginning to read the Bible for the first time, teaching the Bible in a group setting, or trying to find new insights, Bible Resources can help you to understand God’s Word. On this site, you can find the resources you need to start experiencing the Bible so that you can be transformed by encountering the God of the Bible.

We understand that a lack of resources can be discouraging and it can feel like it limits your ministry opportunities. However, we believe that the Bible is, as always, the very best resource! By using one or all of these five resources, you can share the truth of the Gospel with clarity, and learn how to tailor the message to your audience to maximize effectiveness. We hope and pray that 2019 is a phenomenal year of ministry for you and your team!

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