Using an App to Bring Christmas to Life!

Easy Christmas Lesson Preparation

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4 min readOct 29, 2018


Are you familiar with the Bible App for Kids? In partnership with YouVersion, OneHope has provided the Scripture content to create the Bible App for Kids. The app features major stories of the Bible and takes kids on a journey through the meta-narrative of Scripture to help them experience the story. Created for children ages 5–8 (although children of all ages enjoy it!), the Bible App for Kids is a fun, interactive library of Bible stories. Each story consists of an interactive world centered on the Bible with animation, narration, music, and sound effects.

Each Bible App for Kids story points to Jesus and lays the groundwork for when His birth changes everything!

The Bible App for Kids is a FREE Bible experience for your kids, that allows them to interact with the Bible and see it come to life.

Bible App for Kids is an animated storybook app for smartphones and tablets with kid-friendly navigation, vivid illustrations with touch-activated animations, and games and activities to help kids remember what they learn.

Using the Bible App for Kids to Prepare for Christmas

You may not have thought of the Bible App for Kids as a possible tool in preparing your children or students for Christmas, but we’re here to tell you that it is an excellent one! “The First Christmas Gift” is the story within the app based on Jesus’ birth as found in the Gospels of Luke 1:26–38; 2:1–20 and Matthew 1:18–25. You can either use the app as your primary storyteller for your Christmas celebration or you can set up small groups of students to take turns using the app on either your cellphone or tablet.

As they view the interactive images of “The First Christmas Gift” they will be amazed to see Jesus’ birth come to life!

This generation does not know life outside of the digital age. Since its launch in 2013, the Bible App for Kids has been downloaded more than 22 million times. This app is meeting them where they are — playing digital games — and getting them excited about the stories and Scripture in God’s Word.

If you don’t already have the Bible App for Kids, download it FREE today and interact with the complete set of Bible stories!

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